Foster the grassroots of VR

Foster Grassroots of VR

VRFirst BAU is an educational initiative that aims to foster grass roots Virtual Reality development across Turkey.Bahcesehir University, in partnership with Crytek, proudly opened the first VRFirst laboratory in January 2016 offering a dedicated space to anyone and everyone to come together and explore the high potential emerging technology that is Virtual Reality.

Empower Next Generation of Developers

Empower Next Generation of Developers

VRFirst BAU is part of a global initial that looks to empower the next generation of virtual reality developers around the world incubating them in state of the art facilities hosting by leading universities in their respective regions.

Incubation For Supported Projects

Incubation For Supported Projects

With both an open work space area available to anyone and an incubation space for supported projects VRFirst BAU is a learning hub, experimenting hub and community hub for VR.

 Latest Hardware & CRYENGINE

Latest Hardware & CRYENGINE

Offering the very latest in terms of computer hardware, VR HMDs for both PC and mobile as well Crytek’s CRYENGINE 5 development platform and supported by an infrastructure of events, training, workshops and industry led projects VRFirst BAU is firmly at the heart of the VR community in Istanbul and Turkey.



Voidrunner: Beyond the Design

November 22, 2016  19:00  BAU Galata Campus

1- Overall AAA Development Pipeline based on Voidrunner    – Brain Storming    – Concept Art & Drawing    – 3D Modelling    – Level Design    – Skybox & Matte Painting Intro 2- Introduction to Unreal Engine    – Basic Concepts    – UE4 Blueprints: Visual Scripting without Code 3- Virtual Reality    – […]

Tabula Rasa 300dpi

Workshop – VR Tabula Rasa – Virtual Reality Game & Interactive Animation

October 21, 2016  18:00  BAU Galata Campus

        “I leave you on the shore of an empty terrain. On the paradise of dried lands. Will be there back, Will be waiting for myself. ”   “Saga, who has just overcome all of the obstacles caused by Anub Kha under the guidance of Mimir, Gaia and Keyanna, reaches the Red […]


VR1 BAU Social!

October 7, 2016  18:00 - 23:00  BAU Galata Campus

Join us this Friday late afternoon for our 2nd VR1 BAU Social! This is a great opportunity to meet fellow VR1 BAU members, students and teams. Come along and join in some of the games we will be playing or just chill out with pizza & drinks. Games will include:     Counter Strike : […]


Steam Successful Greenlight – Missile Command VR Workshop

October 7, 2016  16:00 - 17:30  BAU Galata Campus

This Friday at 16:00 we will be running a mini-workshop looking at the recently Greenlight game ‘Missile Command VR’. This project was submitted by PulseVR in 2015 and was recently accepted by Steam and successfully Greenlit. Currently the project needs a lot of work to get it from its current form to a brand new […]

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