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What is VitiVR?  VitiVR is a viticulture VR training simulation being developed by Vinistanbul for viticulture, enology and agriculture education and job orientation. VitiVR is support the transfer of theory into practice and let the users live the experience in a virtual and interactive environment. Prototype version of the project is focusing on the training […]



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‘What is real? How do you define ‘real’?

If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. This is the world that you know.’

Morpheus, Matrix (1999)


Speed of Race

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Speed of Race is a racing game, where you can experience a open world city while driving your favourite car in VR. You can chance between racing styles such as arcade and simulation.
Design your own car, tune it, organise your crew and challenge other crews on city or racing pists. Make your own racing pists and share it with the world.
Reclaim the city, upgrade your car and became a VR approved driver in Phoenix City !

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The Summit

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A couple has a dream to climb a summit of mountain, They had a big accedent during the climb .Man lost his wife and his a foot. He want to climb summit with a foot prosthesis

because this was dream of his wife but he has trouble and difficulty during the climb he has to face his fears and past but he never give up.When he arrive the summit , His wife and fears are waiting for him.

Exposure Team

Short-Term Effects of VR Exposure on Motor Performance

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Team members Tugce Akkoc and Lance Powell are studying the physical and cognitive effects of short-term exposure to virtual reality. Though VR is not a new technology, it still isn’t entirely understood at a psychological level. The VR market is growing exponentially and a complete study of its effects are vital to informed usage. Their research will explore issues related to the length and recommended break periods of VR sessions. The new knowledge gained from this exciting medium will potentially reduce both the risk of accidents and liability issues in the future. Lance and Tugce are both graduate students of Cognitive Science at Bogazici University and they are putting their cross-disciplinary expertise to work in this research at VR First BAU.

Tabula Rasa 300dpi

Tabula Rasa

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“Saga, who has just overcome all of the obstacles caused by Anub Kha under the guidance of Mimir, Gaia and Keyanna, reaches the Red Core on the Giant Globe, where he starts to change and comes to terms with his own subconscious.
I leave you on the shore of
an empty terrain.
On the paradise of dried lands.
Will be there back,
Will be waiting for myself. ”

Tabula Rasa is a cryptic game, which has an exclusive story encompassing each interested player. The players try to accomplish a mystical journey with the main character Saga and become gradually absorbed in the story through the visual motives, side characters and puzzles.
The game mechanism is conceived as very natural and in a way that the users can adapt themselves easily. There will be various ways and possibilities to cope with the difficulties and succeed the parts. In this way, this lyric story aims at offering different experiences for different players.
Tabula Rasa, supported by VR technology, is a project providing users with an interactive scenario and amazing visuals. Because of its unique game mechanics it is not only addressed to the so-called “gamers”, but it also targets everybody who is open for an interactive story. In the course of time, it will even probably turn out to be an interactive animation, video clip and/or an in-game advertising (IGA) created by game engine.
The team of Tabula Rasa is looking forward to meet you with a story which makes “living in another world” possible.



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DecoupledVR is a new way of FPS gaming that lets VR Gamers ‘decouple’ their direction of view; direction of body and direction of their hands in Smartphone based VR Games. It is designed to play with WalkOVR: world’s first addaptive, high friction & flat locomotion platform that allows users move naturally & freely to all directions in VR. WalkOVR solves the problems nausea and motion sickness which are primarly caused by the lack of real body movement in VR.

DecoupledVR is meant to be the content branch of our main project to fullfill our aim on building ‘experience’ in the long term by providing continuous product line that enhances virtual reality experience and change the way of game play.


Multiplayer Cross Platform VR Game

/ ongoing

We are designing a multiplayer, cross-platform game project that features an extended VR support. It will be a dark science-fiction game with a strong narrative support that provides interesting characters, intriguing plot, charismatic heroes and definitely a vast area to explore the secrets of the setting. However the game is not designed to be a linear experience or a interactive application that tells its own story; instead, it will be a title that lets you to craft your own story with your friends and it will even provide you the instruments to affect the game universe with your actions. Collaborative gameplay will surely be one of the key aspects of the game along with a unique combat mechanism and an extensive VR support.


Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Project

/ ongoing

In clinical psychology, systematic desensitization technique is the most effective method for the treatment of specific phobias and social anxiety. This method includes creating a fear hierarchy and then exposing clients to different levels of fearful situations either by imagining or getting in touch with real life situations. Hereby project is proposed to create a virtual platform in which people with specific phobias will be able to face their fears in a stepwise manner. By using different environmental VR settings, a various range of specific phobias can be treated. The purpose is after some adaptations (for different culture adjusting appropriate settings) make virtual reality exposure therapy available in Turkey. Acrophobia (fear of heights) has been chosen as target disorder to start.


Spatial Visualization VR

May 2016 / January 2017

Spatial visualization ability is a mental process and means (a)to process visual information about spatial relations between objects and their parts, and (b)to process visual information about appearances of objects and scenes in terms of their pictorial properties. Designers frequently apply transformations and manipulations on forms and spaces during the design process, since the design environment and problems are inherently three dimensional.