Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa 300dpi
/ ongoing

“Saga, who has just overcome all of the obstacles caused by Anub Kha under the guidance of Mimir, Gaia and Keyanna, reaches the Red Core on the Giant Globe, where he starts to change and comes to terms with his own subconscious.



I leave you on the shore of

an empty terrain.

On the paradise of dried lands.

Will be there back,

Will be waiting for myself.


Tabula Rasa is a cryptic game, which has an exclusive story encompassing each interested player. The players try to accomplish a mystical journey with the main character Saga and become gradually absorbed in the story through the visual motives, side characters and puzzles.

The game mechanism is conceived as very natural and in a way that the users can adapt themselves easily. There will be various ways and possibilities to cope with the difficulties and succeed the parts. In this way, this lyric story aims at offering different experiences for different players.

Tabula Rasa, supported by VR technology, is a project providing users with an interactive scenario and amazing visuals. Because of its unique game mechanics it is not only addressed to the so-called “gamers”, but it also targets everybody who is open for an interactive story. In the course of time, it will even probably turn out to be an interactive animation, video clip and/or an in-game advertising (IGA) created by game engine.

The team of Tabula Rasa  is looking forward to meet you with a story which makes “living in another world” possible.