Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Project

/ ongoing

In clinical psychology, systematic desensitization technique is the most effective method for the treatment of specific phobias and social anxiety. This method includes creating a fear hierarchy and then exposing clients to different levels of fearful situations either by imagining or getting in touch with real life situations. Hereby project is proposed to create a virtual platform in which people with specific phobias will be able to face their fears in a stepwise manner. By using different environmental VR settings, a various range of specific phobias can be treated. The purpose is after some adaptations (for different culture adjusting appropriate settings) make virtual reality exposure therapy available in Turkey. Acrophobia (fear of heights) has been chosen as target disorder to start.

VRET Project Team

Batuhan Ilhan, Hasan Aras, Melis Yildirim, M. Rasit Irmak, Mustafa Cihat Candan, Zeynep Ozcelebi.

Directors: Asst. Prof. Dr. Basak Turkuler Aka, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ozge Yilmaz.